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The Page on “Advantages of Participating in the Program with Company Introduction Stand”

The profile of domestic and foreign participants in TUSKON (Confederation of Industrialists and Businessmen of Turkey) World Foreign Trade Bridge Program leads the company opening a stand in our program to a planned preliminary work. In a summit which addresses to an extremely large area – five continents- and demographic structure, explaining the quality of a product does not provide the required information about the product itself. The participant businessmen would like to see, taste and examine the product in a blow-by-blow manner. Furthermore, foreign participants will gain a better insight into your brand equity within the boundaries of the country through the stand you establish. In this case, participations with stands include positive messages about the quality of the product and organization of the corporation. The advantages of opening company introduction stands in accordance with this planning to us can be listed as the following:

1. Familiarizing with the foreign participant, knowing whom to meet and conducting preliminary work before the program with the privilege of getting an appointment for stand areas to be practiced for the first time in our country.

2. Being able to provide purposeful information about your products for over 2000 firms that will participate in our program from 150 different countries worldwide.

3. Having face-to-face meetings with 4000 Turkish businessmen, introducing your company, reinforcing your connections to domestic market and gaining new connections.

4. Introducing and representing your company, brand and products to a group of 10.000 people, 7.000 of whom are businessmen, in the most accurate manner possible.

5. Enjoying free admission for 4 persons.

6. Getting closely acquainted with TUSKON members.

7. Appearing in TUSKON Activity Catalogue with a free pull-page advertisement.

8. Obtaining contact information of foreign businessmen before the program.

9. Enabling your company and product information to be advertised on Internet sites for 6 months and, in this way, presenting an opportunity for all participant businessmen to get appointment from you.

10. Sending your product range and company information to TUSKON agencies or association corporations over 5 continents in the event that we receive and confirm your application in January or February.

11.  Gaining the right for your list of preferences regarding meetings by appointment to be included among the privileged list of preferences formed for companies that open a stand. This will enable you to gain the right to have more meetings by appointment. (This article is valid for bilateral business meetings to be carried out in 11.K-Hall.

12. Having general information about the market interested.

13. Comparing product options.

14. Observing new products and applications.

15. Particular solution seeking.

16. Observing Technological Meetings.

17. Informing many corporations about our presentation methods and corporate image.

18. Making a choice for orders.

19. Participating in ancillary activities of the program such as country introduction meetings and lunches.

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